Pregnant Felix is a rock band from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The band was formed in 1993 by Denis Kandle. Its sub-genres include grunge, metal, punk-rock and shoegaze. Some of the band's influences are Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, Helmet, Sex Pistols and My Bloody Valentine. Denis also plays in two electronic solo projects, Aliencore and Colortronic. Boycott Morality is name of the debut album, released by Tranceria Recs in 2017.


The concept behind the album’s cover is that the boy is divided over whether he remains closeted or accepts himself and becomes whoever he wants (in this case, a drag queen punk). Hence the title of the album, as if to tell him: Boycott Morality, be whoever you want, listen to your inner voice, do not mind the fingers pointed at you, the inquisitors, the palatines of morals and good manners... It passes a Dionysian message: wear your masks, do whatever you want!


The cover was made by Marcelo Vasco, who also played guitar in Pregnant Felix in the early days of the band, back in 1993. He has also made album covers for many other bands by the likes of Soulfly, Machine Head and Slayer.

All music was written by Denis Kandle, except Mokusatsu (written by Marcelo Vasco and Denis Kandle). All lyrics written by Denis Kandle.


The drum and bass were recorded at Superfuzz Studio, in Rio (Brazil) by Bruno Baiano and Fernando Menezes. The guitars were  recorded at HOMMM Xperience, in Milan (Italy) by Denis Kandle. The vocals were recorded at Engel Studios, Rio by Denis Kandle. The album was mixed and produced by Denis Kandle.


Shiva's Saliva is the first single by Pregnant Felix, released on July 5, 2020.





From the debut album Boycott Morality (Tranceria Recs.)

Produced by Denis Kandle



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Reviews from listeners



“The instrumentals and lyrics have very high energy that makes me want to dance. The artist has passion and vocals that makes this song interesting and yet memorable. I think that this song has potential to do very well.” (M, 32)


“The band has pretty much absorbed their Nirvana influences to the point that Kurt would be proud: it does have the proper air of authenticity. (And they got an extra point for the band name alone!)” (M, 58)

“The darkness at the start of the track gave it a very ''Alice in Chains'' feeling to it, it was great! I liked the vocals, they were dark and brooding and they went up as the song progressed.” (F, 41)

“I liked the aggressive and distorted feel of this song. I thought the drums and bass fit with the distortion of the guitar very well, and the singer had a very dark and ambient tone to their voice as well.” (M, 26)

“Great beat created by the drummer using high hat cymbals. I liked the combination of vocals and guitar to create an intriguing song that kept me interested in what the artist was trying to convey to the listener.” (M, 39)

“The beat to this song was loud and in your face from the beginning of the song. The artist vocals were on time with the beat and blended with the beat nicely. The hook was easy to sing along with.” (F, 35)

“Disquiet by Pregnant Felix is a nice hard rocking song. I like the name of the group a lot, and they sound a little like Alice In Chains." (M, 40)


"Good overall guitar, drums and bass. We will see a hit maybe". (M, 28)

“That baseline is something special I tell ya. The things that garage band dreams are made of. Really cool song overall.” (M, 32)

“I am loving this one. Sounds like some old Nirvana but a little better. I liked the vocals a lot. Dude can scream pretty good. Drums and guitar sounded great.” (M, 38)

“I enjoyed the music. I thought the artist name was interesting and very original.” (F, 37)

“This song is a little more hard core than I usually listen to, but it is still a good song. It has a heavy base which I like very much. Funny artist name.” (F, 35)

“This song had a good beat and the quality was good also. The song overall was interesting and I wanted to hear more.” (M, 31)

“I feel the power coming out of this song. It makes me feel like I can really get into the music. I feel like this is a great song to get into.” (M, 33)

“The group name is interesting. I like the hard rock sound of the guitar and I like the vocals. I might check out other songs by this artist.” (F, 58)

“The record has a great rock beat and exciting and pleasant vocals. I would definitely like to party to this on a weekend. Great effort.” (M, 45)

“This is great - it has a great beat behind it that I can really get behind. - I would love to see these guys in concert or live.” (M, 33)



“I liked the song from the melody to the rhythm, very consistent and eloquent, I would recommend this song to friends and family alike.” (M, 23)


“I really liked the intro. It built from a single note to a gradual crescendo of sound. Was well on my to headbanging heaven at that point.” (M, 50)


“The raw style of the recording is complimentary to the drone like feel of the composition. The heavily distorted guitars are warm and deep to the ears.” (M, 28)


“I liked the performance of the guitarist and drummer that open up the song. I also liked the strong drum beat that plays consistently throughout the song.” (M, 39)

“I like the complexity of the vocals. I like the background instrumental performance and how well it complements the vocals. I like the variety of instruments used for the background instrumental performance. I like that the lyrics tell a story. I like the tempo and how well the percussion maintains the tempo.” (M, 27)


“I really enjoyed this song the vocals and lyrics were cool and interesting. The music and instruments really complemented the singer and lyrics. It’s a good song.” (F, 25)


“I loved the heavy fuzz psychedelic hard rock sound of this, and this one had a cool funk rhythm. Loved the sound, and would hear them live for sure.” (M, 48)


“An interesting song that I enjoyed.” (F, 48)


“I didn't enjoy it at first, but letting the song come together made me appreciate the vocals. I'm a huge fan of the distorted screaming mixed with the softer singer and this is a great example.” (M, 24)


“The music is really well written and well played. A very professional sound. Vocals are in line with the music and fairly clear with the lyrics.” (F, 57)


“The beat of the song is catchy and the lyrics are something others can relate to. I would download music from this artist.” (F, 34)


“The track has some potential, but it really takes some time to progress. The track does have a nice party kind of vibe to it.” (F, 40)


“I love the amazing bass lines they are simple yet very loud and very in-your-face kind of feeling. Love it I would love to go head bang at one of their concerts.” (M, 34)


“When it started it wasn't all that but I did like it because it was a lot different. I liked how it kept building up.” (M, 38)


“As this starts playing, it has my interest. I like the gradual increase in volume and intensity. It has a good strong sound to it that I am enjoying.” (F, 37)


“I like that the drums start from the very beginning and the guitar sounds dirty. No singing early just heavy instruments. Going to be a hit someday.” (M, 21)



“The moments of displaced/offtime rhythm are similar to something like Tool including the vocals. Very much different of a vibe from the previous song. The chorus has a dissonance that seems intentional to that of a grunge metal band”.  (F, 40)


“The song is very well composed and reminds me of old school Mettalica among other things. Influences from 90s punk as well as 90s metal. I would love to go see them in concert”. (M, 54)


“Now these guys are pretty damn good to me. I love when it gets heavier around the chorus. Kind of sounds like some old school Nirvana to me and others”. (F, 41)


“I liked the guitar riff that opens up the song. Something about this song reminds me of 70's rock, I thought the guitarist and drummer perform really well throughout the song. I thought that the artist had a nice voice and he was doing a great job of singing in harmony with the background music”. (M, 39) 

“I like the complexity of the vocals. I like the tempo and how well the percussion maintains the tempo. I like the background instrumental performance and how well it complements the vocals. I like the variety of instruments used for the background instrumental performance”. (M, 48)

“I loved the psychedelic fuzz attack of this song, the instrumental, so full and bass heavy, and that vocal. I loved the sound, and would listen to this again, and see them live”. (M, 25) 

“I really enjoyed this song the vocal and lyrics were cool and interesting. The music and instruments really complemented the vocals and lyrics. I feel like it was a little hard to understand because it was distorted but other than that it was a good song”. (M, 30)

“I loved this. The drums are very unique and make the song sound even heavier. The vocals fit well with the guitars and the drums, it's a really tight, cohesive, great metal song that sounds different”. (M, 28)

“The song has a great sense of flow to its overall composition. The heavily distorted guitars are warm and inviting. The vocals are somewhat violent in tone and aggressive, which suits the song well”. (F, 57)

“Music is really strong, which okay because the music and lyrics are very strong as well. All parts work together for a well blended song that is destined to become a Hit soon”.  (F, 38)

“I like the delivery of the vocals because it reminds me of the 90's group Nirvana. Also I like the guitar solo and the overall structure of the back ground instrumentals”. (F, 34)

“The beat of the song is catchy. The vocals are decent and the lyrics are something others can relate to. The structure is good. I would download music from this artist”. (M, 22)


“I like the twisted meaning to the lyrics and the aggressive instrumentation as well. The singers vocal performance style fits well with this genre”. 
(M, 52)

“I appreciate that the band name is so unique and will definitely stand out”. (M, 31) 

“I like the energy and the catchy rhythm and chord progression. It sounds fun”. (F, 48) 

“I love how strong and intense this is. It makes me a bit sad that I have to keep my headphones on, because this is a song you want to blast loud”. (M, 21)

“Sounds very dirty and grungy at the beginning and the vocals match the sound very well. Would be a great band to catch live sometime”. (M, 21)



Are you afraid of sayin’

About your love for her?

She's in your heart, she's a secret

Oh, your daddy would kill you

There's a rainbow at the end of the storm

There's a place we can try to be fine

Get a lighter, light a candle

We need some news here for everyone now

I admire children,

One day I admired myself

When will you get used to this?

I hope you listen to what only you hear

Children can read all around

They become illiterate as time flies

Don't repeat my steps, follow your own steps

Today you're out, but tomorrow you're back

Get a lighter, light a candle

We need some action for everyone now

I admire children,

One day I admired myself


If you ever see me

Lookin' at nowhere

Please bring me back again

I will thank you for the rest of my life

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